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On Monday night's episode of The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore touched on President Barack Obama's recent use of the n-word during a recent podcast appearance that got people all riled up, for the wrong reasons.

Although Obama attempted to explain how racism still exists in society, others chose to focus on the fact that he used the n-word. 

Never at a loss for words, Wilmore pointed out during last night's show that the current U.S. president likely did not set a precedent in uttering the word. Wilmore used a clip from Richard Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson, since they used the term. 


"So, presidents using the n-word—kind of an American tradition," Wilmore said. "I mean, sure, he might be the first president to ever say 'nigger' without expecting someone to then immediately bring him a lemonade. That would be the difference. I get that."

Another hot topic that Wilmore touched upon was the Confederate flag and the fact that people refuse to acknowledge its racist history. Wilmore called for its immediate removal from statehouse grounds and also highlighted how Nazi groups use it.


"In 1961 [the Confederate flag] was a reminder to black people that they should know their place," he said. "It has always been used as a symbol of intimidation and terror—and that's what it remains today.

"In fact, because displaying the swastika is illegal across much of Europe, skinheads and neo-Nazis often adopt the Confederate flag in its place," Wilmore added. "It's such a racist symbol that it does double duty as the backup racist symbol for another racist symbol!"

On a nightly basis, Wilmore skillfully uses his platform to inform people, using his unique version of humor and satire. Seriously, if you're not staying up or setting your DVR so you can watch his show, you're missing out.

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