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Women with the Lady Parts Justice League in a scene from the “InFormation” video
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The Lady Parts Justice League, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of legislative attempts to block reproductive freedom, has tapped into its inner Yoncé with the new video "InFormation."

The video displays the women of the organization dressed in attire similar to that of Beyoncé and her dancers in the "Formation" video. The scenes are also familiar, but they've been altered to relate more to the issue of restricted abortion laws in Louisiana.

TRAP (targeted regulation of abortion providers) laws "can force clinics to undergo unnecessary and costly facility renovations or impose staffing requirements that are cost-prohibitive or ultimately unfeasible," according to the league.

As you will see and hear in the video, the lyrics present a powerful yet inspiring message about the fight against TRAP laws. It's a fun yet informative remix of Beyoncé's anthem that we all know so well.

Keep it up, ladies!

Editor’s note: Video contains NSFW language.


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