Kurtis Blow Recovering After Heart Attack

Kurtis Blow in 2014
Chance Yeh/Getty Images for Long Island Music Hall Of Fame

Kurtis Walker, known in the hip-hop world as Kurtis Blow, is thanking the cops who saved his life over the weekend after he had a heart attack in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles.

"The police saved my life, a black man. In this day and age, people need to hear that!" he said in a statement.


According to ABC News, on Saturday evening, cops received a suspected robbery call, but when they arrived, it was just two men arguing at a bus stop who turned out to be Walker and his son. Once cops arrived on the scene and calmed the men down, Walker collapsed.

Chris Vege, Calvin Hill and Pete Parra were the officers who had arrived on the scene, and Vege immediately jumped to action.

"I was holding his head, making sure he was stable, making sure his airway was open," Vege said.

"They got there so fast. If they got there any later, I would have died. I want to thank the officers from the bottom of my heart, no pun intended," Walker said.


"Officers do not hesitate. They do not judge on what color you are, what religion you are, male, female. We're going to jump in no matter what to help someone in need," Vege said.

Well, lucky for Walker that the cops realized it wasn't a robbery, because we know how this story could have turned out.

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