Kordell Stewart Addresses Sexuality Rumors, Compares Marriage to Porsha Williams to Really 'Stank' Breath

Kordell Stewart (left) on the Steve Harvey talk show
Cristina Aguirre/NBC

Kordell Stewart is finally putting rumors about this sexuality to rest, as well as speaking about his marriage to Porsha Williams, during an episode airing Wednesday of Steve Harvey.

Stewart called his marriage to Williams a "rocky road" and compared it to someone having really bad breath.


“When it comes to the institution of marriage, I think it is the highest levels of the Super Bowl of a relationship. And you have that someone that you say, ‘You know what, I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Your breath stinks and all. I want to just be with you forever.’ And that breath that I was smelling was the one that I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. But it got to the point where it got a little too stank,” Stewart explained.

Stewart was only married to Williams for two years, and he told Harvey that he was over the relationship and was now focused on raising his teenage son.

When Harvey asked Stewart if he regretted participating in a reality show, Stewart told him: “No, I really don’t Steve, because you know what I’ve seen of my ex as of lately, conducting herself, just imagine if we was together for five more years with two children. That wouldn’t have been good.”

He went on to explain that around the time that he and Williams were getting married, he was there to help Williams through an ordeal in which she had lost her business. He elaborated: “She came in with a tough situation and then she came out with the Atlanta Housewives show, with making five to six figures, something more than she’s ever had. So when people say, ‘I ran her off,’ ‘She left with nothing’—she left with a lot.”


Harvey then got into the subject of Stewart's sexuality and the rumors that have surrounded him over the last several years.

"When that happened, I was like, ‘Man.’ It drew me closer to the Word to the point where it made me understand what this really, really was all about—it was hate," Stewart told Harvey. "And that’s why to this day I wanted to wait until I had the opportunity to speak to you about this."


Stewart recounted a story dating to 1998, when he said a friend called him saying that he had heard that Stewart had been arrested in a park having lewd acts being performed on him by a "transvestite."

“First of all, when in the world have I gone to jail in Pittsburgh, because there’s no record,” Stewart said. “I don’t care if it’s 10, 20, 30 years. If it happened, it would be documented, let alone being with a transvestite. Now, each his own, Steve. Trust me when I tell you.” 


Stewart's appearance on Harvey's show airs Wednesday. Check local listings for time.

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