Kobe Bryant during Los Angeles Lakers press conference Oct. 27, 2015
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As Kobe Bryant began preparations for his 20th season in the NBA, he left a preseason game two weeks ago and rushed to a Las Vegas hospital to be by the side of his former teammate Lamar Odom, who was admitted after a drug overdose.

With the Los Angeles Lakers season now under way, Bryant spoke about Odom’s progress during Tuesday afternoon’s practice, saying that he’s happy Odom is progressing.


“It puts things in perspective a little bit more. This is what we do, this is not who we are,” Bryant told reporters. “Sometimes basketball can get in the way of life and the way of living.”

Bryant continued, saying of Odom, “He’s a brother above everything else. … It’s important to see him get back on his feet. It’s amazing to see him doing so well. It truly is remarkable.”


Recent updates on Odom’s health show that there was cocaine in his system, and with that news, Nevada officials are now contemplating drug charges against Odom. Odom also reportedly suffered multiple strokes during his health scare, and he faces an uphill battle when it comes to rehabilitation. But it seems as though everyone is cheering him on, from his children to his former teammate and his fans.

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