Killer Mike Gives Powerful Speech During Bernie Sanders’ Atlanta Rally

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and rapper Killer Mike dine before Sanders’ Atlanta rally Nov. 23, 2015.                    

Killer Mike is equal parts rapper and an activist who has been vocal about the prison system, police brutality and same-sex marriage. The rapper once said it was his responsibility “to be politically active, and I have to be a credit to my race.”

During this political season, candidates are vying for attention from black entertainers and activists, so it makes sense for the Run the Jewels rapper to break bread with the candidate he’s supporting.


Earlier this summer, Killer Mike endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders via a tweet after learning about Sanders’ stance on the Voting Rights Act.

On Monday, Killer Mike and Sanders sat down for lunch at Busy Bee, a popular Atlanta soul food restaurant, while Sanders was in town for a rally.

“Wanna know what Sen. Sanders and I talked about at lunch. MLK, his war on Poverty & war plus unions & the grand fight against the ruling class,” the rapper tweeted.

But what you must watch is what happened when Killer Mike opened up for Sanders at his Fox Theatre rally.


“I’m not here to talk about benevolent politicians are going to save the day for you. I’m not here to talk about a dream that we think is unattainable, so we settle for less. I’m not here to talk about a utopian society where everyone is forgiven and no one has to pay for past debts. I’m talking about today, the Martin King post-the Washington march. The Martin King that was against the war machines that uses your sons and nephews to go to other lands and murder. I’m talking about a revolutionary,” Killer Mike said.

He continued that he had no desire to see the U.S. elect its own Margaret Thatcher.


“I’m here because working-class and poor people deserve a chance at economic freedom. And yes, if you work 40 hours of week, you should not be in poverty,” he continued.

Killer Mike mentioned several of Sanders’ ideas, especially the fact that education should be free for everyone in the U.S.


If there’s one thing you can say about Killer Mike, it is that he makes people remember that he was a son of Atlanta before the fame, and he will continue to be an active voice in politics and activism. And he even evoked some of his own lyrics as he closed his speech.

“I have said in many of a rap, ‘I don’t trust the church or the government, a Democrat-Republican, a pope or bishop or those other men.’ But after spending five hours tonight with someone who has spent the last 50 years radically fighting for your rights and mine, I’m very proud to announce the next president of the United States, Sen. Bernie Sanders,” the rapper said to a round of applause.


Take a look at his speech below.

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