KFC’s New Double Down Dog Is Edible Death


I’m convinced that KFC is trolling the gastrointestinal tracts of those who choose to consume its food. A couple of years ago, the fried-chicken fast-food chain introduced its Double Down Sandwich, which was a bacon sandwich with buns made out of fried chicken. Because clogged arteries are things people strive for on a daily basis.


Just when you thought KFC couldn’t get any greasier or deadlier, the company has introduced a new sandwich. With the Double Down Dog, the chain has proved once again that there’s no limit to its imagination when it comes to artery-clogging fast food.


What’s a Double Down Dog, you ask? Oh, just a hot dog (probably not made of real beef) with two fried-chicken (is it real chicken?) patties as the bun. And since when are fried-chicken patties flexible? What kind of voodoo is going on at KFC headquarters? Along with its recipe, is the chain also going to keep the secrets to flexible chicken? 



The only positive thing about this whole heart-attack-inducing meal is that it won’t be introduced to the millions of Americans who already suffer from heart disease and hypertension. Right now the atrocity is available only in the Philippines. Sure, I feel sorry for the Filipinos. They need to proceed with caution, unless they want high rates of heart disease like we have here in the U.S.


Who knows, maybe the Double Down Dog will never make it to this country, but if it does, I’ll double-dog dare you to actually eat one and not have your blood pressure skyrocket. But of course, there will be those who will consume it with glee. 



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