KFC Has a Fried-Chicken-Scented Bath Bomb, and I Am Equal Parts Disgusted and Intrigued

I don’t know who requested a fried-chicken-scented bath bomb, or who thought it was such a good idea that it was worthy of production, but KFC is on it, and I really don’t know if I’m disturbed or curious.

If you’ve ever quipped that you could bathe in fried chicken, now’s your time to show up and show out because thanks to KFC Japan, you can now soak your troubles (and hunger) away with the KFC “Chicken Smell Bathing Powder.”

According to The Independent, KFC Japan teamed up with retailer Village Vanguard to create the drumstick-shaped, limited-edition bath bomb.


But don’t get too excited, all you fried-chicken lovers. By “limited edition” they mean limited edition, with only 100 of them being available. To get one, you have to be based in Japan and then enter a competition.

But, hey, one can dream of sitting in his or her own fried-chicken stew. I’m really curious about the scent that would linger after you steeped in this thing. I have so many questions.

I will give it to KFC, though: Its employees are nothing if not creative and determined. There is nothing that is too far for them, it seems, when it comes to marketing.


For example, who can forget KFC’s Hong Kong marketing campaign last year that offered edible fingernail polish in two flavors, Original and Hot and Spicy, taking “finger-lickin’ good” to a new meaning?

Or remember Mother’s Day this year, when the company published a Colonel Sanders romance novella aptly titled, Tender Wings of Desire?


That campaign even came along with a special promotion video:


It’s really just too much.

But I still have to ask y’all: Would you use a fried-chicken bath bomb? Be honest, for the culture.

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K. Araújo

Like people want to smell like fried chicken.... on purpose?