Comedy Central

Pushing the comedy envelope is something that Key & Peele have been doing on their show since it premiered on Comedy Central in 2012. And as a teaser for their upcoming season, which starts July 8, the comedy duo posted a special sketch called “Negrotown.”

As a response to the ongoing plague of black people being racially profiled and getting killed by cops, “Negrotown” is definitely apropos. In the sketch, Keegan-Michael Key’s character is stopped by the police for no apparent reason. Sound familiar? Of course it does. When the character questions the officer, the officer becomes belligerent. Sound familiar? Of course it does.

As Key’s character is being arrested, his head “accidentally” hits the car, and he’s seemingly knocked into a dream sequence where he’s welcomed to “Negrotown.”

Negrotown is every black person’s dream come true. You’re not harassed on the streets by cops. You can get your home loan approved. Plus, it even has dating benefits for black women: There are no white women around to take all the black men.


And most importantly, “You can wear your hoodie and not get shot!”

As Jordan Peele’s character dances and shows Key’s character around Negrotown, you can’t help feeling a little envious and resentful of the fact that there will never be anything like it. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to dream?