J.T. Jackson and guest attend the premiere of Netflix film Naked at the 2017 Essence Festival in New Orleans June 30, 2017.
Photo: Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Netflix

It’s always your own people. Authorities say a friend of Kevin Hart’s thought he could turn an easy profit out of the comedian’s philandering ways, but he was arrested Tuesday and charged with extortion.

Earlier this year, Hart was caught up in a sex-tape extortion attempt, and according to TMZ, his longtime friend Jonathan Todd “J.T.” Jackson is now facing two felony counts. Jackson, who has appeared in several films with Hart and most recently Marlon Wayans’ Netflix movie, Naked, was charged with one attempt of extortion and extortion by threatening letter.

Apparently, Hart was shocked at the revelation that his friend would do him dirty:

Hart was unknowingly videotaped having sex with a woman in Las Vegas last summer, and when the news broke, he immediately did damage control by apologizing to his then-pregnant wife, and made millions off the scandal by going on tour and making jokes about being a habitual cheater.


Jackson produced an actual video teaser about the sex tape and requested an undisclosed amount of money, officials say. I guess being a Hart hanger-on doesn’t pay the bills.

Not everyone is Team Hart, apparently; a close look at the comments on Jackson’s Instagram account shows actor Shemar Moore coming to Jackson’s defense:

Screenshot: @jtactionjackson (Instagram)


Well, maybe Jackson can hit up Moore to help with his $100,000 bail. If convicted, Jackson faces up to four years in jail.