Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is trading in the jokes and movies to take a stab at writing. The actor announced that heā€™s working on his memoir, From the Hart, with 37 Ink, anĀ Atria Publishing GroupĀ imprint.

According to the New York Times, the memoir will focus on Hartā€™s Philly upbringing, along with some of the bumps in the road heā€™s experienced in his career, as well as on marriage, divorce and being a parent.

Hart said, ā€œMy kids know Iā€™m a big deal. Theyā€™re very aware. I let them know every day; I say, ā€˜Look, Daddyā€™s a big deal.ā€™ Now Iā€™ll have a book to prove it.ā€

And by big deal? He means that his recent What Now tour made more than $100 million globally.

Hartā€™s memoir is expected to be released next year.