Kevin Hart’s Hyundai Commercial Wins USA Today’s Annual Poll of Best Super Bowl Ad

Kevin Hart in Hyundai’s “First Date” Super Bowl commercial
YouTube screenshot
Kevin Hart in Hyundai’s “First Date” Super Bowl commercial
YouTube screenshot

Cam Newton—black America's favorite quarterback at the moment—didn't win Super Bowl 50, but Beyoncé won the Super Bowl halftime performance, and Kevin Hart won a Super Bowl commercial contest.


Hart's Hyundai commercial, in which he plays an overly protective dad who sneaks out on his daughter's date, won USA Today's annual poll of the best Super Bowl commercial.

The spot, titled "First Date," sheds light on the Hyundai Genesis' detection feature, which allows the car's owner to track the car's location. Hart encourages his daughter's date to take his car, and then Hart pops up at all the different spots the young couple goes to over the course of the night. Check it out below.

Kudos to Hart for booking a Super Bowl commercial (that coin must have been serious) and then for winning in this poll.

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