Kevin Hart Promotes Healthy Living on His Comedy Tour

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is currently on one of his largest comedy tours ever, and he’s hoping to make people healthier in the process. Hart’s “What Now” comedy tour is being sponsored by Rally Health, and at each stop, attendees will have a chance to use interactive tools to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

“It puts the first foot forward in being productive. It’s just about getting in the door. That’s where people lose the battle,” Hart told the Huffington Post. “If one day you don’t feel like it and don’t go, what’s to stop you from not going the next day?


“There has to be a driving force that gets you to the point regardless of how you feel. Rally Health is not only doing that but challenging me to meet new personal goals. The more people can understand about their lifestyle, the more they can get up to move, exercise and get better results,” he said.

Rally Health CEO Grant Verstandig echoed Hart’s sentiments and said that Hart’s own healthy living is what encouraged the company to jump on as a sponsor of the 45-city comedy tour.

“My lifestyle and what I do in my day is what aligns with Rally Health,” Hart said. “We don’t want to see people dropping like flies. It’s about getting people into the right mindset to be better by moving more, eating better and reducing your stress.”

Hart’s tour started last month and will end Aug. 30 in his hometown of Philadelphia.

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