Marlon Wayans and Kevin Hart at the after-party for the premiere of Hart’s The Wedding Ringer Jan. 6, 2015, in Hollywood, Calif. 
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Not everyone is a fan of Kevin Hart's or Marlon Wayans' movies, and one critic on Twitter told the actors what her issues were.

"When are black celebs like @KevinHart4real & @MarlonWayans gonna stop doing stereotypical movies?" @tashyonlaneigh asked. 


The question must have touched a nerve with Hart, because he immediately responded.

Wayans also jumped in on the tweets and voiced his opinion about whether he's a stereotype, but seemed to have missed the point.

Here's the thing—not every movie is for everybody. But that doesn't mean there wasn't some truth to @tashyonlaneigh's question. It seems as though when it comes to black comedies, there's only one type of formula, and Hart and Wayans seem to have mastered it.

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