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Last month the world gave InStyle a side eye for the abundance of photoshopping that was done to Kerry Washington’s cover photo.

That definitely didn’t look like anyone we know who goes by the name Kerry Washington.


Well, thankfully, one magazine finally got it right. Washington is gracing the cover of April’s Marie Claire, and she’s looking as beautiful as ever. And exactly like herself. There’s no second-guessing, and the photo editor didn’t go Photoshop crazy.

In April’s Marie Claire, Washington dishes on everything from social media to how she didn’t feel pretty growing up. Interviewed by Girls star and creator Lena Dunham, Washington even discussed her daughter, Isabelle.

“I just want [daughter Isabelle] to know that she’s heard. Really heard, because I feel like that is what we all really want. When I think about any of the missteps in my life that I’ve made, all of which I’m grateful for, it’s because I just so wanted to be truly seen and heard for who I am and was afraid I wasn’t or wouldn’t be. I see you, I hear you, I’m with you as you are,” Washington stated.


Dunham, who gushed over her chance to interview Washington, said the actress is, in fact, the 24-hour woman and she hopes her “humor, wisdom, and chic-attack style can rub off” on her (and a lot of Dunham haters probably feel the same way).

Washington’s Marie Claire cover hits newsstands March 19!

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