Kendrick Lamar Receives Generational Icon Award From Calif. State Senate

Kendrick Lamar
YouTube Screenshot

Kendrick Lamar doesn’t only talk about being from Compton—he’s also doing community work in that California city. Now the California Senate has recognized that work. On Monday, state Sen. Isadore Hall III, from the 35th Senate District, presented Lamar with the Generational Icon Award

Hall noted that Lamar’s contributions to society go beyond his music. “Kendrick has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to support sports programs, after-school programs, music programs in the Compton Unified School District to help keep Compton students off the streets and in the classrooms,” Hall stated.


During his acceptance speech, Lamar noted why he’s making sure he gives back to Compton.

“Being from the city of Compton and knowing the parks that I played at and neighborhoods, I always thought how great the opportunity would be to give back to my community off of what I do in music,” Lamar stated.


With Lamar’s honor, it proves that there are those in hip-hop who make it and also make sure they uplift the community that raised them. 

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