Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat has always been an R&B king, sexily begging over any and all of his tracks for three decades. Sweat told The Root exclusively: “I’ve sold millions of records on begging. I love being the king of begging. We all beg for most things we want in life. I just like to put it out there in music.”

Speaking of music—let’s not pretend that Sweat hasn’t begged all over at least one of your favorite R&B songs. Quick, what are your favorite R&B songs? With full confidence, I guarantee you that no matter what, Keith Sweat is on your list. If he’s not, what kind of R&B do you listen to?!

President Barack Obama has officially proclaimed June to be African-American Music Appreciation Month—also known as Black Music Month—and we’re celebrating all month with some of your favorite artists telling us who their favorites are. First up? Keith Sweat. He shared with The Root his favorite Aretha Franklin, Prince and Beyoncé records, and revealed what his favorite song of his own is. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, and who knows? You might even update your iTunes, Tidal or Spotify with some of Sweat’s favorites! Happy Black Music Month!

Check out the video below:


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