Katy Perry via Instagram

Katy Perry made a joke on Instagram over the weekend, and some say it was disrespectful to former President Barack Obama.

Perry replied to a fan’s Instagram Live comment about her hair. “Oh, someone says, ‘I miss your old black hair,’” Perry said in her video. “Oh, really? Do you miss Barack Obama, as well? Oh, OK. Times change, bye. See you guys later.”

Some couldn’t figure out why Perry mentioned Obama’s name to begin with, but internet sleuths figured out the username of the person who had made the comment about Perry’s hair—“MsBarackObamaAsWell”—which has since been deleted.


There’s one music-industry person who isn’t shocked at Perry’s joke. The Weeknd’s producer, Mano, posted back in 2015 about how Perry had called him the n-word:


He dug up his 2-year-old tweet over the weekend to remind people that he wasn’t lying then:


Perry has not commented about her joke, but she did promote her new song “Bon Appetit,” in which she sings about her vagina with Migos: