Katt Williams fighting a kid
YouTube screenshot

So Katt Williams was out playing soccer with a bunch of kids in Gainesville, Ga., and everything seemed to be going well. Until it wasn't.

After a video was released Wednesday that showed Williams getting beaten up by a seventh-grader, people wondered how in the world a grown-ass man ends up in a fight with a kid. Let Williams tell it, according to TMZ, and it happened because the kid got in his face and started to threaten him. 

In the full video that was released, you can see Williams playing soccer with the group of kids, and around the three-minute mark, the unnamed kid and Williams walk off the field. They're having some words, but you can't tell what's being said. Then Williams and the kid come face to face.

Next thing you know, Williams punches the kid. So a grown-ass man swung first. But let this be a lesson to people: Kids are crunk nowadays. And apparently the person filming knew the kid and warned that once the kid hits him, it's over.


And it could be another item in Williams' horrible month of police arrests. According to TMZ, the local Police Department has launched an investigation into the fight. Since he's already out on bail, he could be in violation of his bail agreement.

Way to go, Katt.