Carpool Karaoke with Cardi B
Screenshot: The Late Late Show with James Corden (YouTube)

We off Offset (for now); time for some fun with (and for) Cardi!

Cardi B recently appeared on the highly popular “Carpool Karaoke” segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden, and it was everything you could imagine and more.

Naturally, Cardi (wearing a head-to-toe yellow ensemble from her Fashion Nova line) and Corden covered the hits, like “Bodak Yellow,” “Drip,” and “Be Careful,” and also managed to include her new single, “Money.”

“What’s up children! Stay in school! Listen to your mom!” the singer yelled as they passed a group of children at a park. Because Cardi B is for the kids! She also told them to tell their mom to cop her new single. We stan a marketing queen.


Ever the New Yorker, Cardi B has been open about her disdain for driving.

“You can’t drive,” Corden inquired. “So, what’s the point of you having cars?”

“To take pictures with it,” Cardi deftly responded. Exactly.

Corden couldn’t have her out here not knowing how to drive, though. Thus, a driving lesson began. Let me take this exact moment to state Corden has one of the most infectious laughs ever.


Okay, carry on.

Cardi also talked about growing up in The Bronx, at which point Corden mentioned how she reportedly once walked around the ‘hood with a razor in her mouth.


“You got to be militant, man!” exclaimed the popular rapper.

The climax came when Cardi hijacked a dance class and performed “I Like It” for senior citizens. Shoutout to the super-senior who shot his shot.


The duo also discussed her love for autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) and onomatopoeia (okurrt!).

Get into the full segment below: