Kanye West’s NYFW Was a Hot Mess of Tattered Clothing

Kanye West, New York Fashion Week

Kanye West has convinced himself he’s fashion’s next biggest thing. During the unveiling of his new clothing line at New York Fashion Week, he only convinced people on social media that he’s delusional.

In what looked like clothing a homeless person would wear after the apocalypse, West paraded his depressed-looking models in front of a crying North West and an uninterested-looking Anna Wintour. All the while, Beyoncé sat next to West’s wife, looking as if she didn’t want to interact with her crying kid or even utter a word to her. Beyoncé’s body language told the story of, “I’m only here because I’m married to your friend.”



West’s clothing line is hideous. Of course there are those people out there who will gladly spend $600 on a bullet-hole-riddled sweater. Social media had a field day with West’s clothing line.


Tonight I’m going to gather my Wal-Mart sweater and take a pair of scissors and make my own Yeezy sweatshirt—then I'm going to let my dog wear it, because no one in their right mind would want to be caught dead in it.

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