Kanye West: I Felt Discriminated Against in the Fashion Industry for Not Being Gay

Kanye West
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Kanye West
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Kanye West is turning homophobia on its head and arguing that in the fashion industry, heterosexuals are the outsiders and have a harder time succeeding. 

"I feel like I got discriminated in fashion for not being gay," West said during an interview with SHOWstudio. 

He explained that most times it's the other way around, that gay people face tougher challenges in the workplace, especially in the music industry.  

"You definitely get discriminated [against] in music if you are gay," he said. "It takes amazing talents to break down barriers."


He weighed in on other topics, as well. Like how he thinks hip-hop is generally "misogynistic" but not all the time, he says, since artists like Common made it popular to speak and think about women in a more positive light. 

West also explained why he says black men are always popping up in discussions about domestic violence. It's an idea that's been discussed before: how the pressures that black men face in the workplace, and in the world in general, makes them extra aggressive when they come home. They're looking for a place to release all of their pent-up frustration, and oftentimes, the person on the receiving end of that is the woman they're loving. 

"So let’s take that to the idea of a black male in America, not getting a job, or getting [f—ked] with at his job, or getting [f—ked] with by the cops or being looked down upon by this lady at Starbucks," West explained. "And he goes home to his girl […] you just scream at the person that's the closest to you."

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