Kanye West Makes Six-Figure Donation to Chicago Mayoral Candidate

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Photo: JP Yim (Getty Images)

After announcing his sudden retirement from politics, the no-longer MAGA-adjacent advocate for “free thought,” Kanye West, dropped a six-figure sum on the campaign of activist and candidate for mayor Amara Enyia.


West gave her $126,460, according to the Chicago Tribune, which reviewed state campaign records. The donation brings the sum of Kanye’s contributions to Enyia’s push to be the next mayor of Chicago to an even $200,000, which is almost enough to put a downpayment on a pair of Yeezys.

Enyia, a child of Nigerian immigrants, began her career in journalism before going on to earn a “Masters degree in education, a law degree where she focused on international and environmental law, and a Ph.D. in Education Policy,” her campaign website states. Aside from that, she competes in marathons and Ironman competitions. By contrast, I got winded typing this.

Ye recently announced a departure from the political arena, setting aside the hat that gave him superpowers like the ability to jive while he was engaged in an act of shucking. The declaration was met with a sigh of relief from Kanye supporters who declared him a revolutionary genius after he called out George Bush but was met with skepticism by his detractors who declared him a sellout idiot when he embraced Donald Trump.

Neither group probably knows what they are talking about.

Both groups will still listen to his next album.

Amara Enyia will still be better than all of us.

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I am about as interested in hearing about Kanye West as I am Justin Beiber.  One thing no one ever mentions about Kanye is that HIS MUSIC SUCKS!