Justin Bieber Says Prince Was ‘Not the Last Greatest Living Performer’


Editor’s note: This article contains social media posts that some may find offensive.

Justin Bieber and his raggedy locks met the ire of Prince fans after the Canadian singer took a jab at the singer shortly after his death.


Guitarist Andrew Watt posted a tribute to Prince on Instagram that was thoughtful and truthful. 

Bieber felt the need to chime in on Watt's post: "Well not the last greatest living performer," he wrote, then deleted, after Prince fans attacked.

Of course, people had to put the Biebs in his place on social media:

"I'm content to say that Prince has more talent in his little toe nail than @justinbeiber will ever have," one follower wrote on Instagram.


"R.I.P Prince #legend can't believe Bieber disrespected him like this, shame," another Instagrammer wrote.

Now, whether or not Bieber was being shady is subjective. But let's just say, I'm glad I had a Prince in my lifetime, and I could go on happily without ever knowing what a Bieber was.

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