Just What the World Needs: A Vegan Du-Rag

Image via Nasty Gal
Image via Nasty Gal

Editor’s note: The vegan du-rag has been removed from Nasty Gal’s online store.

Online retailer Nasty Gal has taken fashion Columbusing one step further by offering a vegan du-rag for a mere $50.


The product states, “Sometimes you’ve just got to du-rag you. This vegan leather du-rag has a tie closure at back and is unlined. Perfect with a black tee dress and slide sandals.”

And of course the du-rag is modeled by a white woman.

You know that song verse, “It’s the end of the world as we know it”? Well, apparently the end is now.


I’m not quite sure who would want to rock a pleather du-rag on their head. Yes, “vegan” is the gentrified word for “pleather.” Imagine the sweaty scalp that could occur, especially since “real” du-rags are made of breathable material.

Dear Culture Vultures,

Please stop.


A sufferer of PTCS (post-traumatic Columbused syndrome)

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