Judge of Characters: Your President Is Clueless

This week, the orange crayon of a human being proved that he’s just as clueless as we all thought he was. Donald Trump’s list of stupidity starts with champing at the bit to meet with Kim Kardashian West and goes into not knowing the words to “God Bless America,” then extends down to claiming that footballers who kneel only do so to disrespect the flag. Does he realize that the kneeling has always been about protesting police brutality against black people?

I really do appreciate that Trump commuted Alice Marie Johnson’s sentence. She’s the grandmother who spent 21 years in jail for a nonviolent drug offense. And even though Johnson’s freedom is a deserved and a beautiful thing, I’m taking this commuted sentence with a grain of salt because:

  1. Kardashian West is involved.
  2. Trump’s out here handing out, or proposing to hand out, pardons to dead people like Jack Johnson and Muhammad Ali.
  3. Trump legit wants the NFL to help suggest names for more pardons.

Check out this week’s Judge of Characters, which drags Trump all up and through these streets.

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