Judge of Characters: Why Is America Like This?

By now, your feed has been flooded with disturbing images of immigrant children being separated from their parents. The Trump administration is responsible for creating a zero tolerance policy that criminally prosecutes undocumented immigrants and separates parents from their children (only after a national outcry did Trump sign an executive order this week to end the practice of separating kids from their loved ones). And where are their children? In cages, wrapped in foil blankets and forced to be without their families.

This is not a new practice in America. It’s just got a new face. Throughout slavery, children were ripped from their parents’ arms to be sold to other slave masters, in a system that constantly and simultaneously broke up the black family structure.

In the 1890s, authorities made Native American families send their children to “Indian boarding schools,” where they were forced to shed their own culture and assimilate.


And now, here America is again, indulging in its own racist habits, ripping children of undocumented immigrants from their parents’ arms.

Check out this week’s Judge of Characters, which is all about the humanity I wish America possessed.

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