Judge of Characters: When Racism Is Trained Behavior

This week, racism reared its ugly head the same way it’s been doing since Donald Trump became president. In New York City, the greatest melting pot on earth, we still have to deal with bigotry, but the city that never sleeps has a special way of banding together to combat racism that is sure to warm your spirit. Maybe not as warm as the soup that rapper Princess Nokia threw on the L-train racist, but you gotta start somewhere.

And don’t even get me started on the beauty brand I’ve loved and trusted since I was a kid: Dove. Over the weekend, their questionable and offensive ad of a black woman shedding her shirt, which matched her brown skin, to then reveal a white shirt and—gasp—white woman had the internets on fire. I was wondering: When did Trump start working in advertising?


Check out this week’s Judge of Characters above.

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