Judge of Characters: Trump Saves the World With Cheap Paper Towels

This week, the whole world got a chance to see just how terrible the U.S. president could be when he finally made his way to the devastation in Puerto Rico. When Donald Trump wasn’t blaming Puerto Ricans for busting the budget because, you know ... aid, he was throwing paper towels and flashlights at them, claiming they no longer needed them.

It’s a good thing Barack and Michelle Obama made an appearance this week because the world needs balance. The two lovebirds celebrated their 25th anniversary, making the entire world an emotional ball of mush. God, I miss them. And so does America ... well ... the planet.


Check out this week’s Judge of Characters as I address what went wrong after hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria. At least there will always be paper towels to soak up the mess.

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