Judge of Characters: Trump Helps Black People Now?

To hear the authorities tell it, UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley all decided that stealing from a store while their team was in China was the best idea ever, and they were subsequently caught, arrested and faced 10 years in a Chinese prison. But then the impossible happened! Your president, Donald Trump, stepped in and saved them! (Mainly because he’s got nothing better to do.)


But we’re still living in a world where the president worries and tweets about things that don’t really concern him, while Meek Mill is in prison. Can we fix all of that, please? Check out this week’s Judge of Characters all about the Big Baller Brand, things Trump could have been doing instead of intervening on those ball players’ mindless crimes, and rallying for Meek Mill.

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Meh, Trump just did that so he could claim Black people owed him, or he was good for them. I’m glad they got to go home though.

A Navy air crew has apparently skywritten a penis. (Sorry, didn’t see a tip dropbox.)