White women gonna white women. This week, white women decided to get in “Formation” for an unseasoned display of white-womanness. First, Elizabeth Banks used her speech after winning an award at the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards (something I have never in my life heard of) to call out famed director Steven Spielberg for never directing a movie with a leading lady (read: never casting her as a leading lady). Banks was loud and wrong, and Shari Belafonte tried to clue her in, but Banks ignored her and kept white-womaning.


But you know who has directed movies with female leads? Sofia Coppola. In fact, her latest, The Beguiled, stars an unseasoned cast of white women set in the antebellum South because she didn’t want to deal with the pesky African-American storylines.


Both of these ladies reminded me of the viral classic, “I was told by AppleCare that I could come in and get the part!”

Check out this week’s Judge of Characters, a digital show that passes judgment on pop culture through the lens of black Twitter.

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