Judge of Characters: Meet the Racist Caucasian Crusaders

With the latest, disgusting trend of white people unnecessarily calling the cops on people of color, it’s obvious that wypipo have found a whole new way to white. (That’s with the hard “wh.”)

From I.D. Adam to BBQ Becky, Pool Patrol Paula and every white person who uses 911 as their own personal racism service, we’ve been inundated with more than enough white callers and it’s time they pay for their false calls.

Enter: the Caucasian Calling Tax. This tax would charge the calling colonizers who call the cops on people of color who aren’t harming them in any way. Listen, if you want to make a change, you need to impact the white man’s pockets.


There’s not much we can do to fight against these crusaders, considering their privilege allows them to do as they please.

Check out this week’s Judge of Characters, all about the racist Caucasian crusaders who can’t stop dialing 911.

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