Judge of Characters: Learning to Share the Culture When Black Panther Goes Beyond the Black Community

Black Panther has revolutionized superhero movies—well movies in general. The film with the predominantly black cast has broken records, sparked community service and inspired STEM center openings around the United States, and with that greatness comes the responsibility of sharing the culture.

It’s very obvious that black people experience T’Challa and his kingdom in a way that only black people can. However, the world has now experienced the Black Panther and the overall culture has inspired us all...and this includes those without melanin. We can’t stop nonblack folks from being inspired by our culture. However, it is hard to embrace, considering how much of our culture has been stolen and whitewashed right under our noses. So forgive us if it takes a moment for us to embrace them embracing us.

Check out this week’s Judge of Characters that focuses on Black Panther’s success, stretching way past the black community and opening up the world to experiencing the fullness of African culture.

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