This week, we’re all as weary as the entire world is; no really, like, the actual planet Earth is exhausted and ready to self-destruct. And all I can say is, same sis, same. We’ve got people in the world like Jason Whitlock, who can’t seem to keep Colin Kaepernick’s name out his mouth, and there’s still a ridiculous number of police officers who think just because a black man is black, he’s guilty.


And while many of us choose to stand with Colin Kaepernick or NFL player Michael Bennett (who was recently arrested for “fitting the description”), people like Whitlock choose to lift up whiteness and ridicule the movement. We don’t need that at all right now.

Now is the time for black people to stand for something because, guess what: When we don’t, we’re liable to fall for anything and be out here looking like Steve Harvey or Stacey Dash, two ambassadors of the sunken place.

Watch this week’s Judge of Characters to see what happens when you stand for blackness instead of making it the butt of a really awful joke.

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