Judge of Characters: Is Being Fat Worse Than Spreading Herpes?

This week, we get all up in Usher’s sexual health with the revelation that he paid someone $1.1 million after she claimed that the singer allegedly knowingly passed along herpes. Since that suit became public knowledge, more alleged victims have surfaced. One victim, Quantasia Sharpton, has been fat-shamed since her press conference with high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom.


Comments range from disbelief that Usher would ever sleep with the young woman to disbelief that Sharpton is her size to even more disbelief that fat women can be desirable. Why is fat the first thing people cling to when the person in question is overweight?


If we’re bring honest, there’s so much more material within the internet fodder that is Sharpton that the jokes seemingly write themselves. Let’s see: Sharpton has several photos and videos of herself with other celebrities, like August Alsina and Kirko Bangz—where are the jokes about that? Her last name is Sharpton—more jokes. Or even reports that her own mom is saying that she’s a scammer. But I guess fat is the easiest target.

This week had me asking: Is being fat worse than spreading herpes?

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The incredulous response from many of the possibility of Usher having had sex with the accuser due to her appearance is typical. Him allegedly infecting her with herpes faded into the background. Bullying, discrimination, and full out disdain for women who are larger is socially acceptable. There won’t be protests, rebellions or anything of the kind to support her. The irony is there are innumerable “chubby chasers” on the down low.