Judge of Characters: Inequality for All, Especially in Hollywood

While many people may have heard Mo’Nique’s “cries” about the gender and color bias in Hollywood and rolled their eyes, there were others of us who wholeheartedly agreed with her. Inequality reigns supreme in Hollywood. It’s the reason Jessica Chastain helped Octavia Spencer negotiate a higher salary. It’s the reason a very white Scarlett Johansson gets to play an Asian woman in a movie.

There are clearly bigger problems in Hollywood and beyond that stem from inequality, and we’re sick of it. From Mo’Nique’s boycott to Sterling K. Brown, Lena Waithe, Oprah Winfrey and more making history by being the first black winners of a number of awards, we’re surrounded by examples that prove no one on this planet has been created equal. Let’s talk about it. Check out this week’s episode of Judge of Characters for some conversation starters around one of Hollywood’s biggest and oldest issues.


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