Judge of Characters: How to Rob a Kardashian

This week you’re tweeting, texting and hashtagging something you never thought you’d care about: Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. What’s the latest tea? Kardashian has cut off his baby mama financially, and Chyna has taken out a restraining order on him. Isn’t love grand?!


These two hate-to-love-you lovers have had a volatile relationship from day one. What did you expect when Kardashian’s little sister dated Chyna’s baby’s father? This relationship developed and stewed in messiness, so of course it’s messy.

Kardashian decided that he’d had enough and went on Instagram to expose Chyna ... literally. And now we’re left to rifle through all the mess that Kardashian keeps posting all over Twitter (since his Instagram account is no longer).


Check out this week’s Judge of Characters, a digital show that passes judgment on pop culture through the lens of Black Twitter. And you guessed it: This week I try to make sense of Blac-Rob’s real-time breakup.

If you want to scam your way onto JoC, please tweet your choice of topics to the hashtag #JudgeOfCharacters. Who knows? You may just end up on the show!

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Ha ha you spot on and got a sense of humor.Every time my daughter catches me googling Blac Chyna and Rob,she takes my phone and runs! It’s like a dang addiction I tell ya. Kim gets on my nerves!pass rhat- It ain’t the last we heard from them too! I follow Tyga too.He be so quiet on this mess! Haha wise man. Rob probably back on his meds by now. Chyna thinking of her next move. OMG why do Follow dezz kiddies!!!!