Judge of Characters: Hello, 911? It’s Me, White America

What in the world happened this week? It seemed like racism was determined to show its casual and ugly face all over America with the terrible trend of #LivingWhileBlack. All of a sudden, black people are having the cops show up after someone white calls the cops because they’re afraid. These black folks have been guilty of doing things like napping, waiting, cooking out on a charcoal grill and shopping—and the list goes on.


Right now, America is showing its true colors with its bias against people of color. In some of these “while black” cases, the responding officers were appalled over the sheer lack of emergency and apparent ridiculousness of the 911 callers. Especially “Susan” (I realize her name is allegedly Dr. Jennifer Schulte, but I can’t help myself; Susan it is), who infamously called the cops on the black family in an Oakland, Calif., park as they cooked out on a grill. She waited two hours for the police to show up, just to be loud and wrong.

“Susan” has become a meme that just won’t quit, but honestly, I think there should be some sort of real consequence for people like her who waste police officers’ time by calling 911 when there’s no emergency. Check out this week’s Judge of Characters, which digs into #LivingWhileBlack and the repercussions of calling the police on black people.

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