Judge of Characters: Colonizers Are Having a Hard Time Stomaching Black Panther’s Success

It’s official: Black Panther is a blockbuster hit, and our feelings will never be done with this film. This movie has emotionally affected us all. While there are many melanated people who are swathed in pride because of Black Panther’s representation and all-out beauty, there are just as many (if not more) melanin-deficient folks who can’t control their tears, hatred and overall desire to white.


Shoutout to Black Panther for providing so much culture to dissect and utilize. There’s a new word for wypipo thanks to Shuri: colonizers. And they’ve been acting up because of their claims of Black Panther being racist. So these colonizers have been pretending they were attacked by black folks at Black Panther showings, tweeting and asking questions about whether or not it’s racist for a white person to see or not see the movie, and assuming their presence would affect an entire theater of people. Not today, colonizers!

Check out this week’s Judge of Characters to see what it’s like when wypipo white over Black Panther.

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Oh, Danielle....you know the colonizers would lose their minds over anything that portrays Black people in a positive light, or at least one that shows them as superior to them.

Point in fact: the former Deadspin writer AKA all-time loser Clay Travis is losing his mind over it. That moron said Iron Man 2 was better than Black Panther.

Anyone who says Iron Man 2 is better than Black Panther deserves being called not only an idiot but racist, as well, because in no circumstance can you objectively say that without a racist intent.