Judge of Characters: Clapback for the D

Clapbacks are having the best week ever! There’s no one better than Rihanna when you’re talking clapbacks. Ms. Fenty has clapbacks down to a simple and sophisticated science that leaves all of your edges on the floor.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty took the world and women of color by storm, selling out almost everywhere within the first week of being on the shelves, and major beauty brands were shook and decided that they would start sharing their shady makeup. Rihanna caught wind of Make Up For Ever’s Instagram post about its own 40 shades of foundation and clapped back in the comments in a way that only Rihanna could.

America’s sweetheart, Cardi B, had to defend herself against the mosquito of hip-hop, Azealia Banks, after Banks’ Twitter rant about the music industry ignoring her. Cardi’s response was quick, short and the best receipt I’ve seen since Diane Sawyer’s Whitney Houston interview.


In this episode, I also mention Kim Jong Un’s and most of logical America’s epic clapbacks to Donald Trump’s attempt to start World War III, his NFL comments and his lack of humanity toward Puerto Rico.

Also ... bonus: We learned exactly what folks would do for the dick and pussy as Erykah Badu helped the #ForTheDickChallenge go viral—and I couldn’t help myself, so I made one, too.

Check out the Judge of Characters video above!

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