Judge of Characters: Can You Really Trust White Tears?

From trusting black women to not trusting white tears ... this is where we are on Judge of Characters these days. But not everything is a black-or-white issue, and we certainly saw that with a recent viral story: Keaton Jones. Keaton’s mother released a video of her son crying, questioning why bullying was a thing. The video was quickly shared all over the internet, and naturally people were empathetic to Keaton and even extended their friendship and love to him.


But then the internet found out that Keaton’s parents are card-carrying racists and took back their support. This in no way condones bullying, but it does make you question white tears.

A Twitter user named Chrissy posted a video of herself and her parents being allegedly assaulted by some teenagers in a mall. She looked to Twitter for support and basically was met with skepticism by everyone after questionable, racist-adjacent posts were uncovered. So I urge you—before you trust someone white and teary-eyed, do your due diligence and ask questions!

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I don’t trust white tears unless its themselves eating a hot pepper for a youtube joke.