Perhaps the proper question is, can “transracial” mascot Rachel Dolezal do black hair? Well, she does, and has been doing so for a while; she acknowledged in her book, In Full Color, that she would do hair in college as a side hustle. That hustle has grown into a full-on kitchen-beautician business, and Dolezal is now out here braiding hair in her home, where she fries her chicken. There’s no limit to her level of tried it.


One of Dolezal’s happy customers (who is a black woman) shared her braids on social media. The customer’s daughter also shared the image, shocked that her mom would let Dolezal braid her up. Update: The woman who let Dolezal braid her hair is now claiming Dolezal as a friend. Wow. What a complicated and gentrified web she weaves!

Check out this week’s episode of Judge of Character, which confronts whether or not white women can and/or should do black hair. Keep in mind: Black hair is bigger than just hair; it’s our culture and heritage. So forgive us if we’re a bit sensitive about our hair.

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