Jose Canseco's Shaming Tweets

Jose Canseco (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jose Canseco (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

(The Root) — Jose Canseco danced around many of Twitter's terms of service yesterday when he posted the personal information of a woman charging him with sexual assault. The tweets have since been deleted, but not before screenshots were taken.


In one tweet, Canseco writes, "Wow thats funny I raped u then y did u have ur clothing off as soon as we left the club in my car." He also tweeted the woman's name, work address, picture and phone number, urging his 500,000-plus followers to call her and ask her to take a polygraph test.

Twitter has yet to weigh in on or take any action against Canseco's tweets, and that isn't all too surprising — Twitter's execs are known to be virulent defenders of free speech on the site. There are rules as to what you can and can't post, but as extreme as his actions were, Canseco broke only a couple of them. The terms of service prohibit tweeting "other people's private and confidential information," which he did by posting the woman's telephone number. Though naming alleged rape victims is frowned upon in the media, Twitter has no expressed rules against it.

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