Jordan Peele, Lupita Nyong'o Co-Sign the Electrifying Us Tribute We Never Knew We Needed

Screenshot: mizzk.o (Instagram)

While Jordan Peele spent his weekend breaking box office records with relative ease, dancer Kendra “K.O” Oyesanya spent hers breaking the internet—because why not?


On Saturday, the Step Up: High Water actress sent social media into a frenzy with a mind-blowing dance routine she unleashed with the help of Antwon Keith Collier, Rhyan Hill, and Payton Ali—inspired by Peele’s instant classic released just days before.

“Went to see @usmovie last night,” Oyesanya captioned the routine on Instagram. “And all I can say is... #WatchYourself ✂️”

Set to the film’s ominous “I Got 5 On It” remix, the frenetic foursome face-off against their creepy doppelgängers to our collective delight.


Proving once again that try as you may, you can’t outdo black folks.

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