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Comedy Central's Jon Stewart was amazed at CNN host Wolf Blitzer's shock and dismay Tuesday over the events taking place in Baltimore over the last several days.

It seems as though some in cable media are suffering from short-term memory loss, since the same protests and riots took place in Ferguson, Mo., only months ago. And have taken place throughout history.


"Like Watts and Detroit in the '60s, Georgia in the '70s, Miami in the '80s, L.A. and St. Petersburg[, Fla.,] in the '90s, these cyclical eruptions appear like tragedy-cicadas, depressing in their similarity," Stewart said.

On The Daily Show Tuesday night, Stewart rolled a clip of Blitzer seemingly dismayed and utterly shocked that something like this could take place in a U.S. city. Because apparently, although Blitzer reports the news, he doesn't remember it afterward.

"Hard to believe this is going on in a major American city right now," Blitzer said. "This is a scene that a lot of us never anticipated seeing in a city like Baltimore," he continued.


Um. What?



Los Angeles.

Where has Blitzer been all these years? Definitely not paying any attention to what's being reported on his network (not that anyone pays any attention to CNN anymore).


Maybe Blitzer just has selective-memory issues? Either way, bring on the ether by Stewart.

"This s—t happens all the time!" Stewart yelled. "Ferguson was just a few months ago—and you were talking about it!"


One has to wonder whether, the next time a city goes up in flames after police kill another black man, Blitzer will exhibit even more shock.

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