John Legend; Donald Trump Jr.

Unlike mainstream media, John Legend isn’t afraid to call Donald Trump out for what he really is: a racist. And he’s also not afraid to stand by those words when confronted by one of Trump’s offspring.

Legend and Donald Trump Jr. had a few words with each other on Twitter after Trump Jr. commented on his father’s Chicago rally being upstaged by protesters:

Legend then offered a succinct clapback:

Trump Jr. didn’t take kindly to his response, saying that it was the same response people have to anything they don’t like:

“No,” Legend replied. “It’s just the answer when racist racists are saying racist [s—t] and are endorsed by the KKK.”


Of course, a Trump supporter had to butt in to the conversation, but apparently he didn’t do his research first:

Maybe Legend could school some of these news outlets on exactly how to refer to Trump in their reporting. Personally, I think “racist presidential candidate with a bad comb-over” is apropos.


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