John Legend and Time's Up Publicly Protest the Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh

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As some of Hollywood’s finest assembled on Monday night to celebrate television’s biggest night, there was a fashion statement you may have missed: the Time’s Up movement, which has been calling for the postponement of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court “until a thorough and complete examination has been completed” regarding sexual assault allegations leveled by Christine Blasey Ford, created buttons that said, “I Believe Christine Blasey Ford” and “I Still Believe Anita Hill.”


The buttons, modeled after the pink buttons that read “I Believe Anita Hill,” created in response to Hill’s 1991 allegations of sexual harassment against Justice Clarence Thomas, were released in conjunction with a statement from the organization, saying, “[t]here is no path forward for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination until [Ford’s] credible and serious allegations have been investigated.”


Adding to the many voices raised in opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination, on Tuesday, 2018 Emmy winner John Legend appeared in a video for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, urging viewers to apply pressure to their senators and declaring Kavanaugh “unfit” for the appointment.

Because, in his words, politicians work for us—or, at least, they should.

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Kanye West tweeted his endorsement of Brett Kavanaugh; tweeting 

“I think he was smart, he got in there early. He’s got Tyga Blood and a Dragon Ball.

while wife Kim Kardashian-West tried desperately to pry his phone from his fingers.

(Ms. Blasey-Ford sounds quite credible, I'm just making fun of Kanye.)