Jodeci Announces New Album: The Past, the Present, the Future


The last couple of years have been a bumpy ride for the members of Jodeci, with everything from drug and alcohol abuse to even train-wreck performances. Now the group, which hasn’t put out new music since 1995, is attempting a comeback.

According to Complex, Jodeci’s new album—The Past, the Present, the Future—will be released March 31 but is already available for preorder on iTunes. Those who get in early will receive three extra songs. Louis Burrell, Lajuanna Burrell and Breyon Prescott produced the long-awaited album, and Timbaland’s music genius makes an appearance on two co-produced songs: “Incredible” and “Those Things.”


The group dropped a teaser for their new video “Every Moment,” which was directed by Hype Williams. The full video will premiere Feb. 25.

Honestly, I’m not going to get excited over a comeback. I’m still trying to erase this memory from my mind.

But then again, everyone deserves a second chance.

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