Jill Scott’s Estranged Husband Says He Just Wants His Purple Rain CD and His Damn Shoehorn Back

Jill Scott
Jill Scott
Photo: Jordan Strauss (Invision/AP Images)

Jill Scott’s estranged husband, Michael Dobson, says that the soul singer and actress is getting in the way of his personal belongings—and he’s asking the courts to get involved.


TMZ recently recovered court documents from the divorce case in which Dobson asks a judge to punish Scott for withholding his things. According to the documents, it turns out the “Golden” singer changed the locks on him in September, and despite multiple requests to get back his belongings, Scott—who filed a restraining order against Dobson in February—won’t oblige.

Among the items Dobson’s trying to get back, TMZ reports, are five hotel robes, a massage table, a copy of Prince’s Purple Rain, a Dewalt laser level and an extended shoehorn.

The two have been embroiled in divorce proceedings since November of last year, with a judge ruling in Scott’s favor this past spring on the issue of spousal support. Because the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement, Scott can essentially keep all her coins for herself.

Court records show that Scott paid Dobson $20,000 a week before she filed for divorce. Scott initiated the breakup, citing irreconcilable differences and “inappropriate marital conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper,” according to court filings.

Sir, it might be time to take a long walk to Brookstone, because the way Jill Scott’s petty is set up, I don’t think you’re getting that shoehorn back.

Staff writer, The Root.


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