Jill Scott on Raising Son: ‘I’m Not a Single Mother. Everybody Joins In’

Jill Scott and Steve Harvey
YouTube Screenshot
Jill Scott and Steve Harvey
YouTube Screenshot

People say that it takes a village when it comes to raising children. And that often comes into play when you’re single and raising them on your own. Jill Scott doesn’t often talk about her son, Jett, but during a recent segment on the Steve Harvey show, the singer opened up about how she’s not exactly a single mother.

“Honestly, I am not a single mother,” Scott told Harvey during his “Thankful Hour” segment.

“Everybody joins in to help me raise Jett. These are people that I love and trust. Single, to me, implies that there’s nobody else to help you. If I need a minute, if I need some advice, I can call some folks, and they’ll come in. They’ll help throw the ball, teach him how to play catch, they’ll teach him how to pee standing up, because what do I know about it?” Scott continued.


Several years ago, Scott openly discussed the breakup between her and Jett’s father, a drummer by the name of Lil John, and described a co-parenting relationship.

“We definitely love our son, and we are co-parenting and working on being friends. It is what it is. I have a lot of support, so I want for nothing as far as that’s concerned. I know some might criticize me or the fact that my son is being raised in a single-parent home, but I wasn’t raised in a two-parent home and I had a good relationship with my dad. I have hopes for him, and I’m sure his father will do his part as well,” Scott stated.

Some people will probably take issue with Scott’s statement that she’s not a single parent. But does what she refer to herself as really matter as long as her child is cared for?

Scott’s full interview airs Tuesday, Nov. 24.

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